The Valhalla website was designed to be an informative resource for its owners and tenants.  Currently all areas of the website are open to the public with the exception of the Home Owner and Board Member Log-in tabs.  If you are an owner or a director you can access the Propertyware Portal by clicking "Home Owner Log-in" or "Board Member Log-in" on the left navigation bar.  The general manager will receive an email message if your portal has not yet been opened.  If you already have your email address registered at the Valhalla office, you should be able to gain Propertyware access to the Home Owner Portal by just entering a password.  The Board Member Log-in password is by an assigned password that you must request from the Valhalla General Manager.
Please note, log-in emails are restricted to one per unit.  For joint ownership, these owners are to share the same login.
Your login name is your full email address (including @ and your provider’s name and domain). This log-in email must match the email you provided to Valhalla Management.  If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the Login page.
If you experience technical problems or have questions concerning the website, contact the office by using the pull down menu on the Contact Us page. If you have questions about the community, contact the Valhalla office using Contact Us.
Neighborhood News

Hot off the press
The Master Board has approved a new policy for garage rentals for Building 1-11.  The changes are as follows:
1.  You can now lease more than one garage stall!  
2.  Non-resident owners can now rent the garages!
3.  Leases will all be one year leases starting April 1.  
4.  There is only a $25.00 charge for early cancelation of a lease should you need to relinquish the garage.
5.  A new list of "Garage Storage Prohibited Items" will help you be a safe and considerate garage partner!
Call the Valhalla office if you would like to lease a garage!  507-288-8347
Smoking Policy:
There are now five Building Associations that have gone "smoke free"  The individual policy is listed under each building's Resident Policies.  The following is an example of the new policy as written for Building 11:
"No unit owners, occupants, guests or invitees may smoke anywhere within Valhalla Eleven including all common areas and individual units, including balconies and patios.  No unit owners, occupants, guests or invitees may smoke within 50 feet of any entrance, exit or window of Valhalla Eleven.  This policy also applies to the use of so-called e-cigarettes.  Any owner or occupant found in violation of this policy shall be subject to penalties as provided in Article IX of the Valhalla Management Association Resident Policies."  
There is a new smoking policy for:
Building 12
Building 11
Building 9
Building 5
Building 6

Lost & Found
Found - All lost and found items
Posted on April 29, 2016
If you find items in the parking lot or common areas, please bring them to the Valhalla Office. If you have a lost item, please stop by and check our lost and found!
Found - Is your car lost?
Posted on April 5, 2016
The Valhalla parking lot is a private lot reserved for the residents and their guests. Every car parked in the Valhalla lot must have a valid Valhalla parking sticker, hanger, or a short term visitor pass between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
You can get passes for your family, friends, and contractors at the Valhalla Office.
If your car has been towed, call Pulver Towing at 507-282-3851

Upcoming Events
Pool Supervisors wanted for the 2016 outdoor pool season!
Thursday, April 14th to Saturday, May 7th
Valhalla Management is looking for dependable individuals that would like a part-time summer job at Valhalla.  Pool Supervisors will attend an orientation that explains procedures.  This position does not require CPR Certification.  It is a fun job!  If you are interested, stop in the office for an application!
2016 Volunteer Events
Saturday, May 7th to Saturday, December 31st
We will have three events at Valhalla in 2016.  Every event you volunteer, you will gain one entry in the annual drawing held at the "Volunteer Super Bowl Party Event".  These opportunities are open to owners and renters at Valhalla.  Prizes to be given away will include a large cash prize, hand cut precious stones, 14 K gold and gem jewelry, Valhalla hat and t-shirts, and much more!
The "Volunteer Super Bowl Event' is limited to 35 attendees.  The Master Board will witness the drawing in December for the volunteers that will be invited to the annual event!  Everyone that volunteers in 2016 is eligible to win prizes even if they have not been drawn to attend the Super Bowl event.
"Adopt a tree"- Neighborhoods tree planting event 
Plant a tree with a loved one!  Care and nurture a tree for life long memories!  We have 25 trees to adopt so contact the Valhalla Office at 288-8347 if you would like to join the fun on May 7, 2016.
National Night out at Valhalla
This was an award winning event in 2015 (and lots of fun).  The pool supervisors headed this event last year and will be looking for Volunteers to make this event even better in 2016!  The event will take place on August 2.
Holiday Decorating Event
Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, it is fun and interesting to see the decorations at Valhalla.  Decorate your deck or patio and register your decorations with the office to gain one entry in the annual drawing.
Valhalla Tree Planting
Saturday, May 7th, 8:30 am at End of 19th Street NW behind Building 12 garages
One of the most special moments you can share with a child is to plant a tree!  We will have 25 trees to plant for this event.  After the messy work is over we will serve hot dogs, chips, and a beverage at the Valhalla Party Room.
Call 288-8347 if you are interested in signing up!
National Night Out
Tuesday, August 2nd, 5:00 pm at Pool and Party Room Area
This is the 2nd Annual Valhalla National Night Out Event!  In 2015 Valhalla Condominiums won the "Best Condo Association Event" award in the city of Rochester.  Stay tuned for the list of activities!

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