Valhalla Park Condominiums is a 382-unit condominium community located in a picturesque wooded area off Elton Hills Drive in NW Rochester, Minnesota.

Valhalla Management Association was established in 1976 as a self-managed homeowners association to manage the affairs of Valhalla Park Condominiums.

Administration of Valhalla Management Association has been vested in a fifteen member Board of Directors referred to as the Master Board of Directors.  The Master Board of Directors is comprised of members of individual building boards.   The Master Board of Directors has delegated day-to-day operation of Valhalla Management Association to a General Manager.

The complex is comprised of 13 separate residence buildings, a recreation building and maintenance garage.  Buildings One through Ten and the Valhalla Recreation Building were constructed between years 1968 and 1971.  Building Fifteen was completed in 1976; Building Eleven in 1979, Building 12 in 1983 and the maintenance garage was completed in 1990.  Buildings One through Eight were originally constructed as rental units, but were converted to condominiums in 1973.

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