New Owners/Renters
Q:  I am a new owner, what now?
A:  Contact the office. All new owners must provide:

1.    Registered mailing address
2.    Proof of ownership
3.    Name of first mortgage holder
4.    A completed Buyer Information Form
5.    If purchased as a rental, complete the Non-Owner Information Form
Q: What do I receive when during my Valhalla Orientation? (Both Owners & Renters)
A: During your orientation you will receive:

1.    Parking stickers and information.
2.    Appropriate keys.
3.    A copy of the Resident Policies.
4.    Information on building security.
5.    Information regarding maintenance services.
6.    On-line account registration information.
7.    Payment options, and enrollment form.
8.    Information on Charter Cable, using the party room, where to put your garbage, and how to reserve a garage.
Q: What do you need from me for my Valhalla Orientation? (Renters)
A: During your orientation you will be asked to complete the Non-Owner Information Form and to bring a copy of your lease and drivers license.
Q:  What is I have a problem with my neighbor?
A:  We encourage resident communication. However, safety is our #1 concern. If you have an emergency, don’t wait for Management. Call (507) 328-6800 for the police’s non-emergency line. Otherwise, please email admin@valhallacondos.com or call 507.288-8347.
Q: What is reserved parking?
A: It is a spot that is located by your buildings parking lot that you can reserve for the year!
The lease runs November to November, please contact the office for pricing and availability.
Q: How do I get a garage?
A: Contact the office to be put on the garage parking waiting list.
Q: What can I store in my garage?
Q: Where should my visitor's park?
A: Visitors can park anywhere, besides a reserved spot. However, a Valhalla parking sticker or temporary parking permit are required. To obtain a parking sticker and permit please contact the office.
If a visitor does not have a temporary parking permit after 5 pm they must park on the streets surrounding Valhalla or they will be subjected to towing. Click Here for more towing information.
Q: It snowed, what should I do with my car?
A: Click here for the full Snow Policy.

Resident Life
Q:  When is the office open?
A:  Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm. For after-hours maintenance, emergencies call (507) 259-9265. Click here to see “what is a maintenance emergency.”
Q:  What amenities does Valhalla Park offer?
A:  Valhalla offers an indoor pool, exercise room, saunas, shower rooms, and an outdoor pool.
Q:  If I am a renter what rules apply to me?
A:  Valhalla’s Resident Policies are the rules for all of Valhalla’s residents. It is the responsibility of the landlords to ensure their renters compliance with our resident polices.
Q:  My car was towed.
A:  Valhalla parking lot is a private lot. All vehicles parked in the lot must have a visible parking authorization in the front dash. If your car has been towed call Pulver Towing at (507) 282-3851.
Q: How do I request to have camera footage reviewed?
A: The Camera Request Form must be filled out before the camera reviewing can start.  Date and time must be specific and should not exceed over a 48-hour time period. Please allow up to three business days for the office to contact you with the findings of the video recordings. Also, please note that the cameras only holds up to seven-day worth of footage. Camera footage of packages getting stolen or cars getting broken in must have a case number from the police before the office will start looking into the footage. We can email the form to you or we have them printed in the office!
Q: I have a complaint, what do I do?
A: The Complaint Form should be filled out so that the office can document the complaint. Please see the Complaint Procedure for more information.

Governing & Administration
Q: What are Governing Documents?

A:   We’re always talking about the association’s governing documents, but what are they?


State Law

Almost every state has statutes governing condominiums and homeowner associations. In addition most associations are subject to the state corporations’ code.


Declaration, Master Deed, or Proprietary Lease and Their Covenants and Restrictions

Planned communities are created by declarations (also known as master deeds). Cooperatives are created with proprietary leases (also called occupancy agreements). These contain the restrictions that regulate residents’ behavior, they define owner’s rights and obligations, and establish the association’s responsibilities.


Articles of Incorporation

Most associations, and all cooperatives, incorporate and have articles of incorporation that define their purposes and powers. They may specify such things as the number of directors and their terms of office.



Bylaws address association operations such as procedures for meetings and elections and specifying the general duties of the board.


Resolutions—Rules and Regulations

Board members adopt rules and regulations, and sometimes members have to approve them. Rules and regulations are recorded as board resolutions. Resolutions must be consistent with the declaration or proprietary lease, the bylaws and state law.


Association governing documents are almost always trumped by state law. But, when association documents conflict among themselves, the declaration or proprietary lease carries the greatest weight, followed by the bylaws and then the rules and regulations.

Q:  Can I attend board meetings?
A: Yes, all board meetings are open to owners. However, owners are asked not to interrupt during the proceedings of the board meeting, as their presents is allowed but not their participation. Should owners wish to be involved. They are encouraged to join their Association’s Board of Directors.
The Valhalla Master Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month in the Valhalla party room.  Board meetings follow a structured meeting agenda and are held to allow the board of directors to discuss business affairs and make decisions on the behalf of the association. 

Owners may ask questions and/or express their concerns to the board during the open forum portion of the meeting.  However, owners are asked not to interrupt the proceedings of the board meeting.
Q:  I want to talk directly to the board of directors but they don't provide their phone numbers and email for the residents.  Why?
A:  Residents are to contact Valhalla Management regarding the affairs of the community.  Direct all common element maintenance issues directly to the property manager, not board members.  Residents who wish to address or ask questions directly to the board may do so during the open forum portion of any board meeting.
Q:  How do I join a committee?
A:  Contact Valhalla Management.  They will verify that you are an owner in good standing and give your name and contact information to the committee chair.
Q:  Can I attend committee meetings without becoming a committee member?
A:  Yes.  All committee meetings are open to the residents and owners.  
Q:  What can Maintenance do?
A: Click here to see a listing.
Q:  What should I do if I have water intrusion inside my unit?
A:  Call Valhalla Management immediately if it is during normal business hours.  If it is after hours call 507-259-9265. Click here for other problems considered after-hour emergencies.
Q: How do I submit a work order?
A: You can submit a work order by calling Valhalla Management or by creating an online account through our website. Through this account, you can create a work order, view its status, and even see the closing comments from our maintenance staff.