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Anyone with a reserved parking spot has the ability to contact the towing company to have a violator removed. The name on the parking spot must match the name on the ID they provide. That will give them their authorization to have the car towed. There may also be a number on a reserved spot. That should match the apartment number on their driver’s license (or other ID they may have). No match…no tow.
Pulver Towing- 507-282-3851
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1. Call the office (507)288-8347
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Our Community

Valhalla Park Condominiums is a 382-unit condominium community located in a picturesque wooded area off Elton Hills Drive in NW Rochester, Minnesota. We are conveniently located on the bus line just 1.7 miles to Mayo Clinic. It is an estimated 6 minutes by car and 36 minutes walking. The complex is comprised of 13 separate residence buildings, a recreation building and maintenance garage.

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