Welcome to Valhalla ....

alhalla Management Association aspires, through its Boards of Directors, its employees and its unit owners, to provide an environment that is respected in the community as a safe and well cared for place to live and work.

The people at Valhalla Park Condominiums will accomplish their mission statement by working together to provide a living environment that will:

Be economically responsible
Be safe, comfortable and physically appealing
Be secure from violence, vandalism and harassment
Be managed on sound financial principles and practices
Be respectful of the privacy, dignity and property rights of individual residents
Recruit, develop, motivate and retain employees who demonstrate competence, dependability 
     and integrity.
Be governed by a current and reasonable set of rules that are called Resident Policies
Be in full compliance with the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws of  Valhalla Management 
Meeting all of these goals on a continuing basis will call for a concerted effort by each of us here at
    Valhalla Park Condominiums. Working together results in successful condominium living.