Parking Lot Project
Click here for approved project plans. 
Parking Lot Blueprint
We will continue to update this information as the project continues. 
10/20 Parking Lot Update
The parking lot renovations have been broken out into phases: 
1st Phase- Bldgs. 1-4 
2nd Phase- Office 
3rd Phase- Bldgs. 5-7
4th phase- Bldgs. 8-10
5th phase - Bldgs. 11-12
Reserved Parking
Following construction reserved parking spaces will be chosen by the renter based on the priority criteria from Current Leases: 
1) Owners take priority over renters. Oldest lease maintains seniority. 
After owners have chosen their reserve space. 
2) Renters; oldest lease maintains seniority. 
3) Waiting list owners 
4) Waiting list renters
Click here to contact the office regarding adding your name to the reserved parking waiting list. 
Garage Renters
 Renters of the garage stalls will not be able to access their stall during the time of construction.  
Plan accordingly!    
 During your building’s phase, electricity will be off to the garages. 
Garbage and Recycling  
Garbage enclosures will not be accessible during your building’s  
construction phase. 
Additional bins will be temporarily placed for residents to use during your building’s phase. 
Information on the placement of the  
additional bins will be posted when your phase approaches.