Master Board
Valhalla Master Board and Boards of Directors are groups of volunteers who have been willing to lend their energy, their time and their expertise to an organization in an effort to maintain the health and welfare if that organization and the people who make it up.
Although directors are not responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the organization, under Minnesota law, directors are responsible for the overall management of  the business and affairs of the organization. Minnesota law imposes the fiduciary duties of care,loyalty and obedience  on directors of nonprofit organizations.
2019 Master Board of Directors:
Delores Robertson, Building 1
Mike Fenske, Building 2
Brian Kroeger, Building 3
Dubravka Stupar, Building 4
Dana Petron, Building 5
Lou Ohly, Building 6
Skye Davis, Building 7
Jacob Petersen, Building 8
Michael Chaffee, Building 9
Elaine Wiegert, Building 10
Linda Castiglioni, Building 11
Bob Retzlaff, Building 12
Jim Iverson, Building 12
Jan Bailey, Building 15
David Aries, Building 15
Jan Kauphusman, Secretary
Master Board Minutes: